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Martial Arts Memberships in Darwin

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Man Ho Memberships

Academy membership prices are based on how many classes you attend a week. We encourage you to be flexible with your training times so you do not miss the regular routine of classes that will keep you fit and progressing.

Basic Membership

The basic membership starts 
at two classes a week, 
every week. 

Higher membership prices include three and four classes weekly.

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Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Memberships, with prior arrangement, can include privileges such as:

• A once a month one-on-one session with a qualified instructor
• A training manual for personal use
• Individual access to performance and fitness training areas
• Nutritional tips

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Membership Benefits

Classes are purchased in advance so there are no contract break costs.

You have the option to include a personal performance program and are allowed full use of our functional, general, and conditioning training areas once enrolled.

You have access to personal trainers for individual development, an invitation to our events and seminars with a front-row seat option, and access to our Facebook page, which lists Academy activities, training tips, and nutritional tips.

The Academy has been established for 30 years, and as a member you have the benefit of its history of experience available for your use.

The Academy has a family environment which welcomes all to train and participate at any level.

The Academy is affiliated nationally and internationally so we have regular visitors. As a member, you can attend a seminar or get a one-on-one session with some of the world’s renowned martial artists.

The Academy can provide a complete and individualized lifestyle program.

The Academy has a " Value for money " program inline with your individual membership 

Permissions & Authorities

I agree and give my authority on the following:

• The use of personal photos/videos for administration purposes.
• Personal photos/videos for public use on the MHAMA website and Facebook pages and profiles.
• Personal photos/videos for marketing and internal use at the Academy.

Terms & Conditions

I understand that I am undertaking training at the Academy at my own personal risk and do not hold 
the Academy responsible for any injury or incidents whilst at the Academy and/or any liability costs that 
may be incurred.

I understand my "pay in advance" membership is a product purchased in advance.

I understand my membership fee is required to be paid whether or not I attend class.

I understand that I need to manage my health and fitness to attend the Academy and if my medical condition changes I am to advise the Academy and consult with my doctor prior to continuing training.

I am to abide by the Academy staff’s directions 
and requests, as well as the Academy protocols 
and policies.

I understand that I am to abide by the Academy rules and regulations at all times.

In the case where my fees are in arrears, the Academy reserves the right to deny access to training sessions as well as the Academy facilities.

To cancel my membership, I must complete a cancellation form, and the Academy can take up to 30 days to formalize my membership cancellation in line with my minimum contract period

The Academy has a 12-month membership requirement. Under this membership, when I will be absent for an excess of 4 weeks, a Suspension Fee applies. I am required to complete this form 30 days prior to the effective date.

I understand that I need to be at the Academy up to 15 minutes prior to my class wearing my proper training attire and training kit, and will keep appropriate personal hygiene.

I am required to sign into each class before it begins.
I have read and understand the " Value for money " part of my membership.   

The Rules

Respect - To treat with consideration, high regard 
and equality.

Discipline - Training that corrects moulds or perfects the mental faculties and moral character.

Honour - To be honest of moral character and principle.

Loyalty - To have the elements of faithfulness to something to which one is bound by a sense of what is right or appropriate.

Conduct - A mode or standard of personal behaviour, especially as based on moral principles.


To address the Instructor as Sifu at all times, and assistant Instructors and Black Belts as Si Hing.

To acknowledge, by salutation, instruction or direction given by your Senior 
or Instructor at all times.

To abide by the Academy’s code of conduct at all times.

Attendance is required to be consistent to enable progression and is a prerequisite for advancement.

All Academy members are required to wear and train in uniform.

Upon entering and leaving the Academy training area, always bow in at 
the door.

Shoes are NOT to be worn in the Academy at all, please take them off at 
the door.

If you are late to class, wait until you are acknowledged, and then bow and enter the class.

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